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  1. You can become a Prayer Partner. Lifting up our teams as they walk out the Great Commission.
  2. You may give a one time love offering.
  3. For convenience, you may set up a recurring monthly gift to fund our efforts in Indo Asia.
  4. You may join us on a trip…More information to come on this option.(*limited by COVID response in host country)

In the truest examples of modeling, Christ showed his care and concern for those in need.

This year, through the kind generosity of donors we were able to purchase food and medicine for those in need

  • Shoes were provided for a children’s ministry
  • The lepers were given clothing to aid in their comfort
  • Warm meals were provided for children in the slums

Option 1: Make a Single or Monthly donation securely through PayPal.
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Option 2: Mail us your donation. Make checks payable to:
NEMA FOUNDATION (Provision Bridge)

In the MEMO line of your check, write: Sharon India Fund

P.O. Box 337
Tallulah Falls, GA 30573

Join Us in Praying For Some Specific Needs This Year

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A Vehicle For Pastor J.

Currently all travel is by train, bus, or hired car. Many times travel is delayed or canceled due to the effects of the pandemic on public transportation. A vehicle will allow more territory to be covered and in a far more efficient manner


After attending an E2 seminar in Warangal I started a Bible study group with a few fellow Church members. Now after some time I can see them digging for the TRUTH like Bereans. They are also sharing the Gospel in their workplaces.Glory to God for the fulfillment of His great Commission in our own community.

Pastor John Mark

Today I attended a Why Go To Work Seminar and I realized that because of my thinking that I was a better person than others, I never spoke to anyone in my community. Today I understand that me not sharing Christ, is me not loving them. I commit to share and care for my community, specifically by showing Christ’s love until my last breath.