About Us

Celebrating over 16 Years Of Ministry!

Igniting indigenous disciple-making movements across the world…


Our Vision

To impact the world with the Gospel by equipping disciple-makers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, support, and equip leaders throughout the world to a personal commitment to discipleship as demonstrated in the life of Christ Jesus.

Our Strategy

  • Seminars
  • Online and in person weekly studies
  • One on One meetings

We are an organization that creates disciple-makers. In the spirit of the Great Commission, we are committed to teaching, resourcing , and empowering disciple makers throughout the World. By first teaching pastors and laymen alike the importance of making discipleship a focus in their lives, then launching them to host study groups that do the same in their own communities and with their own relationship networks. Finally to continue this effort by meeting and investing one on one with two others who can then duplicate this process. Growing the Kingdom through multiplication.

Over the past fifteen years, beginning in India, we have been involved in the training of thousands of Pastors in the mission of discipleship. We have now reached people throughout India and into South East Asia.

Our Team

Dan Baker

Executive Director

Daniel J

Regional Director

Brad Allen


Bryan Green


Rick Hasty


Birthed in India and now reaching into Asia

Bhutan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Myanmar, and The Philippine Islands

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